FINNAS  Broker System

The NAS Insurance Brokers online system is called FINNAS, this stands for...

Finance  and   Insurance   Network  for   National   Adviser   Services.

FINNAS  provides all the features required for general insurance brokers to strengthen relationships with their clients and to manage their policies throughout a full lifecycle.

Principal phases of the lifecycle available in FINNAS  include:

  • Capturing information about current and prospective clients
  • Client and policy document and file management
  • Preparation of quotations
  • Invoicing
  • Endorsements
  • Renewals
  • Payment by credit card or application for premium funding
  • Accounts management and debtors control
  • Reporting to support daily operations and management of your business

NAS Insurance Brokers | FINNAS | Screenshots

The system includes document management features which allow advisers to store electronic documents with their client or policy records. Electronic communication is available thanks to integrated e-mail functions, together with e-mail and correspondence templates. Online processing of policies through Telstra eBusiness' Sunrise Exchange is available for a wide range of products. Integrated credit card payments via SecurePay are also available.